Our Approach to Sustainable Travel and Tourism

Executive Statement

In the nearly 100 years since Hilton was founded, our business has evolved and changed many times over. But one thing has always remained true – we are a group of people who are deeply committed to making our world a better place through our hospitality. This is our core Purpose, and it’s at the heart of everything we do. To us, hospitality is much more than just the service we offer our guests. Our hospitality extends to our communities, our Team Members and our collective world as we strive for positive social and environmental change.

In this spirit, we have united our 380,000 Team Members along with our owners, partners and communities in more than 100 countries around our corporate responsibility strategy, Travel with Purpose. Through our collective approach to leveraging both local and global investments of time and resources, together we’ve made great progress in creating economic opportunities for all, promoting environmental stewardship and enhancing community resiliency. Some of our most noteworthy achievements as of the end of 2017 include:

  • Impacting nearly 800,000 young people (to date), nearing our pledge to open doors for one million young people by 2019.
  • Developing Passport to Success in a Box to provide innovative and flexible learning tools that enable our nearly 5,300 properties to bring essential soft skills training into local communities.
  • Awarding $1 million globally (to date) to benefit local projects to strengthen communities.
  • Donating more than $3 million to support disaster relief across 20 campaigns.
  • Volunteering 267,355 hours in just one week, during our annual Global Week of Service.
  • Reaching a cumulative savings of $1 billion (to date) by operating sustainably, including reducing energy consumption by 20.6%, carbon emissions by 30.0%, water consumption by 20.0% and waste output by 30.5% since 2008.
  • Launching 2025 Global Water Stewardship Commitments and signing onto the United Nation’s CEO Water Mandate.
  • Distributing more than 6 million bars of recycled soap to people in need across 38 countries, and diverting more than 15 million pounds of waste in the largest soap recycling program in our industry.

As a result of these efforts, we were proudly named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the first time in 2017 and listed as the Most JUST company in our industry by JUST Capital and Forbes. These rankings are an important testament to the way we seek to positively impact the world around us, and we are honored to have been recognized as a leader across our social, economic and environmental priorities.

At Hilton, we’re more and more inspired every day to use our hospitality for good, and as a truly global company, we are serious about our role in helping the international community reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Travel with Purpose drives us to think and act in ways that will maximize our contributions to help meet these important global goals, so we can do our part to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity.

To further focus our efforts, in 2018 we finalized bold 2030 social and environmental targets for our operations, communities and supply chain. Each target relates to issue areas meaningful to answering the SDGs – and they will challenge us and hold us accountable for our work toward a better world.

We look forward to continuing our journey. Thank you for helping us Travel with Purpose.

Christopher J. NassettaChristopher J. NassettaPresident and Chief Executive Officer

Our Value Chain

At Hilton, every day, we work to drive positive social and environmental change across our operations, our supply chain and our communities—what we refer to as our value chain. This involves pursuing best-in-class operational excellence, engaging our guests and team members, using our innovation and influence to make meaningful differences in our communities, and partnering with our suppliers to address risks in our top commodities and to incorporate social and environmental criteria into our procurement decision processes.

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• Our 2030 goal to double our investment in social impact and cut our environmental footprint in half across our value chain.
• How we are redefining responsible travel and tourism.
• Our stakeholder engagement.

Sustainable Development Goals

As one of the world’s largest industries, travel and tourism plays an important role in helping the international community reach the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015. Hilton has properties in over 106 countries and territories, employs more than 380,000 team members, and is part of the booming travel and tourism industry that contributes 1 in 10 jobs to the worldwide economy. We harness our global hospitality mission to help drive local solutions in the communities where we operate, aligning our actions to the SDGs.

Explore our fact sheets to see how our actions are contributing toward meeting the SDGs.  Learn more