We are committed to doubling our social impact investment by 2030.

As a business of people serving people, our primary focus is creating a culture that best serves our Team Members, business partners, and community members. We foster inclusive growth by enabling everyone to participate in and benefit from travel. From empowering our Team Members to bring their full selves to work to creating opportunities for all in our communities; from creating market access for local and diverse suppliers to showcasing local culture to our guests – we are committed to driving positive social impact. We contribute our time, skills and resources to building capacity and resilience in our destinations, including in times of disaster – and we are taking significant steps across our value chain and within our industry to foster respect for human rights for all.

Team Member Support

Our Team Members

Our industry faced unprecedented challenges throughout most of 2020. As Hilton shifted into crisis mode, we made a commitment to do everything we could to put our Team Members first. To learn more about our Team Member support, please click below.

Learn more on p. 29-30 of our 2020 ESG Report.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we acted immediately to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Team Members around the world, by implementing our CleanStay health and safety protocols, creating social distancing guidelines and signage, and providing PPE.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our Inclusive Culture

Hilton is committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for all our Team Members and guests. DiversityInc recognizes Hilton as #2 on its “Top 50 Companies for Diversity List” because of our commitment to a culture of inclusion – for guests and Team Members of every background, gender, sexual identify, ability, heritage and belief. To learn more about Diversity & Inclusion at Hilton, please click below.

Learn more on p. 31-32 of our 2020 ESG Report.

Hilton Team Members take part in the EMEA Women in Engineering program.

Inclusive Growth

Creating Opportunities for All

We believe economic growth should create opportunities for all, which is why we are focused on building partnerships that foster inclusive growth across our value chain. At Hilton, inclusive growth means that we enable and empower everyone to participate in and benefit from the golden age of travel. To read more about Inclusive Growth at Hilton, click below.

Learn more on p. 33-34 of our 2020 ESG Report.

Ramses Hilton celebrated Hilton Effect Week in 2020 by hosting an education and training event for women.

Human Rights

Protecting Human Rights

As a business of people serving people, respecting human rights is a core part of our mission. Our human rights strategy is informed by the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights. Our commitments and expectations are set out in our Code of Conduct, Human Rights Principles, and Responsible Sourcing Policy, including the prohibition of forced labor, bonded labor, child labor, slave labor, human trafficking and recruitment fees, and the prohibition for any Hilton property, product, or service from being used in any manner that supports or enables any form of abuse and exploitation. To read more about how we respect human rights at Hilton, click below.

Learn more on p. 35-36 of our 2020 ESG Report.

Hilton partnered with It’s a Penalty to train our hotel teams and raise awareness among guests to fight human trafficking around Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Florida and Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida.

Community Support

Investing in our Communities

As stewards of the destinations in which we operate, we are committed to leveraging our skills and global footprint to contribute to community growth and resilience. As part of commitment to the local communities that we operate in, we participate in global volunteer programs, food donation initiatives and disaster relief projects. We saw an outpouring of community support from our Team Members when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. To read more about our approach to community support and these efforts, click below.

Learn more on p. 37-38 of our 2020 ESG Report.

Love Beyond Walls, a 2020 Hilton Effect Grantee, installs a portable handwashing station in Atlanta, GA to provide sanitation and hygiene for individuals that identify as homeless and help combat the spread of COVID-19.